Sunday, 9 November 2008

yay for karma!

Today, I went to visit my nan, with my mum (her mum). We think she's addicted to bingo. Says she can stop anytime- just chooses not to! But she's 90- 91 this December, and on her own now, so who cares, as long as she enjoys herself, and it gets her out of the house.

So she told us that when she last went to the bingo, in the week, she won £500! Now this would normally be great news- especially as winter fuel bills, and the cost of Christmas is on its way, it'll make sure she has no worries about money (she's fine for money generally, but hey- it all helps, right?)

This is particularly great news though, as the same thing happened in the summer. She won £500 one week, and popped it in the safe in her house. Thought it was a once in a lifetime sort of win- it's normally only the odd ten or twenty pounds she might win. And then some bloke came and stole it when she was outside cutting the grass. He saw that there was an old lady on her own, and sneaked into her house, and stole her money. Fortunately, he got caught. Turns out he'd done this a few other times, and had assaulted one of his victims, so is now doing a few years inside.

But obviously at the time, my nan didn't get her money back. She saw it as a bad thing, but at least it was won money, and not all her savings, or something, so it could have been worse. She's quite good at seeing the best in things like that, my nan.

So I'm seeing it as karma. She's a fantastic lady, and makes the best chocolate cake in the world, and deserves only good things in her life. And now she's £500 better off again! And isn't telling anyone at all where she's hidden it!

Yay karma!

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