Thursday, 23 April 2009

This post is dedicated to Twiggypeasticks

I listen to BBC6 Music pretty much exclusively. I even sign up to the emails, and today, received a link to an mp3 download. It's the whole interview from David Tennant appearing on the Stephen Merchant show.

Now, I'm a fan of his (David not Stephen) but I believe Twiggypeasticks is more so. I don't have too many readers of this blog, but she is one, and has left me lovely comments. So thank you. Have twenty-odd minutes of lovely voice!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Crazy blogger stuff (and magical ponies.)

I just read this on a blog I subscribe to, Bienvenue, about a virus she's had passed to her computer through the followers button on here. Apparently, it does something to link the computers, or lets them send information, or whatever it is they do. (I may have a blog, but I'm still not convinced it isn't run by teeny-tiny people running about in the wires, or magical ponies somehow)

So I'm taking off the followers thing, and taking myself off other peoples (don't know if it can work both ways, or anything peculiar like that - like I said, magical ponies...) I know not too many people see or read my little blog, but if it at least stops one persons computer blowing up...

Summer's almost on its way...

It's a rainy and miserable grey day out there, but I have big plans for my little garden...

I've got some seeds to be planted this month, for runner beans, soy beans and pak choi, but the tomatoes and courgettes are on their way already!

Ive got little poppies and sweet peas coming on too, so it should look and smell lovely and bright in the summer, as well as being practical, with the amount of veg that'll hopefully grow. I'm well prepared this year for blackfly, slugs and blossom end black spot (plagued my little tomatoes last year!)

I've also been knitting coachella from in my green silk. I was a bit nervous about the shaping of the armholes at first look, but its actually really easy and enjoyable. I'm about hafway through now, so I'm starting to think of what to do with the rest of my dyed yarn. I'm hoping they knit up as beautifully as the silk has. It's passed the moment of truth, when I get to see how it looks when knitted up to a decent size, not just my samples. Not the best pictures, but I think they shows the variation in colour pretty well. Note the purple ended needles in the picture on the right - I finally ordered a shiny new set of US 6's for my set of Boye interchangeable circulars, after I bent one (at the joiney bit!) about 3 days after getting the set! I ordered it from the same shop, DuppDupp and they arrived about two days later, wonderfully wrapped in tissue paper. It's got to be my favourite needle shop. Just a shame its so far away from me, in Edinburgh.

I'm off to get my yarn and needles in order now, to go to knit at the Royal Festival Hall tomorrow. I knitted a bit at the Trafalgar Square one, but had just come from college, so was a bit tired, but should be able to contribute a bit more this time!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

apology... my double out there!

My dad has discovered Twitter. I think there was some deal with a bookmaker, for a free bet if you signed up, and as an avid race-goer, he couldn't resist, and now has an account. (He can't remember how to get into it, but that doesn't matter now!)

So he thought he'd see if his daughters were on there, and did a bit of searching around. Not like most people would, by checking with people, or email addresses, but by name. Real name. And he found someone, with my first name, surname, and the year I was born as their ID. "How could this be anyone but my little girl?" he thought. Well, it is. I'm not on Twitter, and if I was, I'd use the same details I do here, and Ravelry, and everywhere else, not my full name!

So I apologise to the person out there, who's now wondering why someone has written to them, saying it's their dad. Hopefully no paternity questions have been asked to any mums!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

98 years, 208 days.

I don't know what to do, or to say. My grandma died today. It wasn't a surprise, she'd been deteriorating for quite a few years, and recently very ill, but it's still quite a strange feeling. So I baked cakes, in her honour. She taught me to make cakes over 25 years ago, (they were terrible, but I was about 3!) She made the strongest tea known to man - nigh on orange with sterilised milk, and spent a lot of time with her hearing aid turned off, especially when she answered the phone. She made the best egg and chips, and I miss her.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Ok - I spent a good amount of time at my knitting group last night, carefully scaling up my gauge, working out increases and decreases, and have now cast on this in this yarn:

Its the green and yellow silk I dyed at my class, and the pattern should get a pretty big amount of it used. It's a really simple looking pattern for a racer back vest I found on ravelry, from the website. So its a free pattern, using yarn I already own. Nothing had to be purchased, not even a button.

So it sort of makes up for my late night buying of this wonderful, apparently invaluable book. It was so much cheaper than the copy in Waterstones, which almost snuck itself into my bag (I would have paid first - I'm not a shoplifter, nor do I condone it!) Sometimes it's difficult that my knitting group meets in the cafe of a bookshop.

So it all sort of balances, the good of using stuff I own to knit with, with the bad of a new book, no matter how useful and vital it is to pretty much every kitchen in Italy (according to the blurb on the website) And I am pretty confident I'll use it, not just sit and read recipes, which can be addictive, and is altogether less fattening.

Im off to the V and A tomorrow, for the preview of Baroque!! Taking my mum, and then trying to lure her away from buying more tops in Zara. It may be tricky...


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