Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Knitting success!

Im really not very good at this bit of the year, which is part of why I've not posted for a bit. It's odd, as I love the bit before Christmas, and the buying presents, seeing family, stuff like that. It's just when it comes to the 25th, it all seems very tiring, and hard work, and makes me very anxious.

But the most important part of the past week or so, is that Isla liked her bunny!! Apparently it's quite good for a customer when she plays shops. But she did appear to ignore all her toys on Christmas day (My parents and I were at my sisters, with her boyfriends parents, and a couple of her friends from New Zealand, so without their family for the holidays) apart from a couple of Bob the Builder trucks, and a small sponge that came with a pack of chalk. She had so many new things, new toys, games, and things to play with, so she was occupied all day with a bit of sponge about the size of a matchbox. Of course.

I've been working on my mitred square blanket a bit, and have got three 4" squares done! But it's always been planned as a long term project, to be finished in about a year. So I'm now considering what to begin next. Theres a lot on my Ravelry list, and I should consider using my stash to knit with, but I'm becoming drawn to this scarf and its matching hat,if not something in the same stitch pattern.

So it wasn't too bad a holiday this year. I tried to stay calmer this time, than let myself get panicky and worked up like I sometimes do if I'm at my mums too long. I'm just not very good at change, so being away from my flat, and what I know worries me quite a bit. But I'm back home now. Still not too great, as I've had a lot more bad New Years than good ones, so I tend to ignore it all, and stay in now. But I've got a nice dinner in from Tescos, I've sent my mum all the chocolates I don't like from my Christmas tin of Roses (It was that or throw them away) and I've three episodes of the Gilmore Girls saved on my tv. I can't help it- I love the show. Its overtaking my addiction to Charmed!

But I hope you had a good holiday, no matter whether it's Hanukkah, Yule, Christmas, New Year or any other festival or holiday you choose to celebrate. See you in 2009. Promise I'll at least try to be more regular with the entries!!

Monday, 15 December 2008

Not to show off....

...but I've pretty much finished Christmas.

I'm a bit shocked myself, to be honest, but I've now got all presents bought, wrapped and either posted or at my mums house. The cake was decorated last night, so everything in my kitchen now has a faint golden sparkle from the edible glitter. The tree is up (OK, so its 24" high, and comes ready assembled- I have a tiny flat!) decorated and has little chocolate snowmen on it. My lights are up in my flat too, so I have little fairies that look like their skirts are on fire when the lights are turned on, all along my mantlepiece.

I've got a few cards to write and post, and was thinking of making some mince pies, and my now famous gingerbread this weekend, but thats about it. Im not sure what to do now. Im knittng a new project, but its a longterm one, thats not to be finished anytime soon.

To be honest, I'm a bit bored, just waiting. But in my dads (annual) words "this time in two weeks, it'll all be over"

And I'll be bored again.

Monday, 1 December 2008

and a confession

I did manage to spend the best part of £30 in Lush at the weekend. But they're just so lovely, and it smells so nice in the shops, and I got a bit carried away. I had only meant to spend around £15-£20, but somehow, more bath bombs fell into my basket. So really not my fault...

I've finally finished a knitting project on time!!

I was very impressed. And it actually looks pretty good. (you have to agree. I'm presuming that anyone reading this will think it looks lovely too.)

So its all ready for Christmas. Apart from I feel like a bunny killer- to keep it clean and out of the way, I've popped it in a plastic bag. To see its little face still smiling up, as I wrapped the bag around its head...Was terrible!

But I've now had my choccy from my advent calendar. (It was a Santa hat, and a perfect pre-breakfast treat.) My mp3 player has been fully loaded with Christmas music, and I've started the shopping. And it was horrible. Oxford Street on a Sunday was possibly the most stupid idea I've had for ages! And I'm off there again with my mum this Friday- at least most people will be at work. It'll be empty. And if I repeat that often enough, it might just be true!

This week is the office Christmas meal. We're off to a japanese restaurant, which should be ok. Not overly traditional, but I don't mind that. Just the people from the office, who i see everyday anyway. But next week its meant to be the whole company thing. And I'm scared. Luckily I may have a final pre-Christmas knitting group that night, and even if there isn't, I'm telling my boss there is, and I'm committed to it.

Don't get me wrong- I'm not against Christmas parties (although the heavy drinking of others is kinda dull) But I'm really nervous in large groups of people. At gigs I was always the one stood at the back holding coats as a barrier. On the tube, I'm happier near the side, so I can be facing a wall, and I'm not good at all when its a group of people that all seem to know each other, apart from me. I've always spent a lot of time in kitchens or at the sidelines at parties.

I'm also meant to be going ice skating from work next week too, and again, don't know if I can do it. Embarrassing acts in public are mortifying to me. Might have to make excuses for that one too...

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