Tuesday, 27 January 2009

There seems to be Tom Cruise everywhere around me at the moment. New film, only to be expected.

This is all well and good, and not that disturbing, apart from giving me the earworm of "The Happy Wanderer".

Am I the only one that hears "Valkyrie" and has to add "Valkyrah! Valkyrie! Valkarah-ha-ha-ha!"?

Tom Cruise should have a knapsack on his back...

Monday, 19 January 2009

What's the vitamin C content of a Roses orange creme?

It's very possible, I'm not dying, and will be fine in a couple of days.

But right now, I'm convinced it is possible to cough and sneeze yourself to an early grave, and all the cups of tea, and sweets left over from Christmas won't save me.

I have been in this bed for two days now, and I am so bored its untrue. I have watched all my recorded Gilmore Girls episodes, the whole of the Mighty Boosh boxset my sister bought me, and called my parents four times, to request they drive down to make me tea. All four times, they refused.

So there has been no knitting, sewing, or anything resembling a craft going on in this flat since last week. there may be some soon, unless my prediction about the sneezing comes true...

Cough. Cough. Cough cough cough.


NB - So last week, I went swimming for the first time in ages. Then I'm struck down with mystery illness? (Well, sort of mysterious. Don't know the exact virus!) Does this mean exercise is bad for you? Surely this is undeniable proof!? Must rethink the healthy living plan...

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Belated New Year Resolution.

Did I see the news at 6 last night? Or the Simpsons, or Judge Judy? No, sorry, I missed all of those. As I was out swimming.

Yes, you read correctly. I am no longer an EFZ (exercise free zone) I went to my local pool, and swam and swam and swam. Blind, as I cannot swim with glasses on, even though I refuse to put my head underwater, and not very far, but I did swim.

I'd forgotten how much I missed it (I used to go about 3 times a week a few years ago) and will have to start going regularly again. And try to do more than 12 lengths!

Oh, and my dad called me trying to bond with me, as he sometimes does (it's really very sweet, and shows he loves me and my sister), as he'd found a website he thought I might like. He thinks its called Revelry, or Ravelry or something? I had to let him down gently. But I did congratulate him for his knowledge in knitting. Not bad for an ex-auditor!

I do also have two questions, and I will gladly accept any opinion on either:

1 - How easy is it to sell on Etsy or Folksy? I have done a bit of ebaying for a while now. Is it similar?

2 - What the *%$# do I buy my sister for her birthday? Its not allowed to be homemade, and she buys anyhting she wants/needs, as she earns more money than me, and is twice as fussy!! Please, any help?!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Just had a call from my mum.

It would appear that while looking all cute and lovely on Christmas day, Isla was in fact plotting an evil attack, and was harbouring the chickenpox virus!

Apparently she's now all covered in spots, so we're all just waiting to see who gets it next. Like a scabby Russian roulette. My sister and I had chickenpox when we were young and I had shingles at college, so I know its not too bad, but its still annoying, just waiting in case!

It did remind my mum of when we had it as kids though. My dad was asleep, and the three of us (me, mum, and my sister) patiently cut little shapes out of that brown paper I've not seen for years, with wet to stick glue on the back, and stuck lots of little pictures of chickens in boxes over my dad. Oh how we laughed (at him!) when he woke up!

Maybe we should let Isla know about this fun game....

So very, very cold.

I went to work on Friday. It was miserable and cold. The heating in my building wasn't turned on (no students=no heat, apparently) But we were assured that by Monday, it would all be fine again. And really, going in the Friday was ok. There was only 5 of us, and only a short day, out by 3pm. It made yesterday less harsh, and I was getting a bit bored at home anyway. But I did have to wear my coat, scarf, hat and gloves in the office.

So Monday, it's still a bit cold in the morning "Oh the heatings just getting going" they say. "It'll be fine in a bit" It stayed cold, and my gloves and coat stayed on. Then in the afternoon, the whole building gets shut, due to a power cut. Another cold day, but home early.

This morning, still a bit chilly, but getting a bit better. Much joking about Monday. Until 1pm, when all the lights, computers and plug in fan heaters turn off! WE had to wait til 2pm, in the cold, until we were allowed to go home again. Turns out it was the same problem with a fuse as Monday! So we'll try again in the morning, and may even have a whole day in the office!

But the spare time has lead to chatting to some of the girls at work, about blogs, and crafts (I work for an art school- everyone does something in their spare time) and making a living from what you love. This inspired me to actually make an effort to sew some stuff for sale. I registered on Etsy.com ages ago, but haven't put anything on there yet.

But today, I went and bought some felt, some magnets, and am ready to start making things. Im planning on starting with some cupcakes, like I made for a swap. Ive got some other little things planned, but thought I'd start with one I know I can do, and looks pretty good.

Now I'm scared of what if I make stuff, and nobody is interested? What if they sit there, unwanted? What is the exchange rate, and how do I price them on Etsy?! So many questions and worries. Think I need to just start my sewing off, and then get to that challenge later...

Oh and my other decision (for when the weather warms a little -I'm doing nothing in these temepratures! ) is to start swimming again. I used to swim about 40 lengths, 3 times a week, and felt great for doing it. When I first moved back to London, and to Walthamstow, I stopped. I didn't have a pool that close by, and just got out of the habit. But I've discovered that theres a pool only a 15 min bus ride from my current flat. It'll take a while to get back to 3km a week, but at least a bit will be good. I remember having the time to think. Ive always done my best thinking in water, and maybe it'll help my Etsy pricing and abandonment fears!

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