Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Just had a call from my mum.

It would appear that while looking all cute and lovely on Christmas day, Isla was in fact plotting an evil attack, and was harbouring the chickenpox virus!

Apparently she's now all covered in spots, so we're all just waiting to see who gets it next. Like a scabby Russian roulette. My sister and I had chickenpox when we were young and I had shingles at college, so I know its not too bad, but its still annoying, just waiting in case!

It did remind my mum of when we had it as kids though. My dad was asleep, and the three of us (me, mum, and my sister) patiently cut little shapes out of that brown paper I've not seen for years, with wet to stick glue on the back, and stuck lots of little pictures of chickens in boxes over my dad. Oh how we laughed (at him!) when he woke up!

Maybe we should let Isla know about this fun game....

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