Wednesday, 30 July 2008

I'm melting...

London is too hot.
There are too many people on my tube, and I believe they're in my seat.

But I have received my cupcake swap stuff, and its fantastic! Many thanks to QuiltyGal for all the wonderful things! Unfortunately, I can show no pics, as my camera is having a strop, and wont accept its batteries are new.

Its started me off on a whole world of swaps now, I think. I'm signed up for Swapety-Swap-Beep, at Claire's Crafty Blog, so am going to have to delve into the world of mixing techie-roboty-stuff, with squishiness and fabric and knitting and that.

My mum has pointed me in the direction of a great site for a quick knit, that does some good in the world too. Save the Children have set up a scheme to knit little hats for new-borns in developing countries. Just a little hat can save a life of a baby, keeping it from catching things like pneumonia. Please knit up a hat, and send it off. Please encourage your friends and family to do the same. It's got instructions for non-knitters, or first-timers, and also has instructions in Welsh!

I've spent many hours last weekend, cutting up jeans for my denim quilt. I couldn't feel my hand by the end of it, and have managed to blunt my cutting wheel, but i have now got all my pieces cut out and bundled into their little set, ready to sew. Just got to build up the courage now! And get a good supply of needles for my little machine in. Think it may be time to give it a good oil and clean, get it ready for this before I pass yards of multi-layered denim under its foot. Im thinking of going straight to leather needles, rather than breaking anything weaker or blunter first. Just seems it will save time and hassle of changing them later!

Oh, and Ive added a new site to my list of favourites, mainly through loyalty. I used to work at Fabricland in Bournemouth, so felt I should mention them. The site's a bit random (maintained by a really lovely woman though!) but the do mail oreder, and have really good prices! Honest- I don't work for them anymore!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Tea, cake, love and knitting.

I have finished and posted my tea and cupcake! Cant post a pic or anything for obvious reasons, but its all done, and sent on its way. Not entirely sure I truste the girl in the post office, about the customs restrictions, as she was a little preoccupied with talking to her mate, but I'm sure New Zealand won't mind me senidng the odd teabag! I also made sure I put 'fabric items' on the customs label- thought describing exactly what the parcel contained would lead to more questions!

I'm attempting to end my singleness, and have been into the whole internet dating thing for a while now. I just think, if I'm able to use the internet for knitting, sewing, and stuff like that, why not my lovelife too? So I'm on the site from the guardian. Might find the love of my life, might just get a few nights out from it. I did go on a date with a nice bloke from south London on Tuesday. Seemed quite interested in meeting again, and texted me(sure its a valid word, now) to say he'd email. I'm still waiting for that email...

Not really done much else this week, craftwise or otherwise. but I'm going to make a definite effort to get my cardi well on its way! no pics yet, as its really only a bit of ribbing at the moment. I'm using a pattern from Ravelry, basic black, for my John Lewis bargain, Rowan Cashcotton. Suprisingly it took forever to find a plainish pattern for a cardigan. Everything seems to have some twiddley bit, or cable, be down to the knees or up to the armpits! Now, its not that these werent nice patterns, but I really needed to have something I knew would have a chance at being finished. Anything twirly, and it was going to be passed over at the first chance, for something I can do on the tube!

Now I've got the cake stuff done, I've also no excuse not to get on with my denim quilt, and on that note, I'm off to draw some plans for what squares I need to cut the jeans into.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

My first harvest!

It may only be one, and it may be a bit plain, but I have harvested my very first courgette. It's just under 6" (ruler to prove it!) and from the look of the plants, may be the first of many. I shan't be putting up pics of all that I'm growing, that would be a little odd. But I am ever so proud of myself!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Bad John Lewis...

..Naughty John Lewis!

I only went in to have a wander, and they have to go and have a sale.

2 balls of sidar denim tweed in a bright pink, and 8 of Rowan Cashcotton in black. All about half price, so I was saving really, just need to add it to the rest of the stash, and try to find some nice patterns to use it on!

Monday, 7 July 2008

Tiredness and Teacakes

It's been a while since I last wrote anything here, as I've now started my new job, and get home each evening shattered! Always feel I'm running late as well, as its 10 to 6- quite different from my last job, where I was always out of the door by 4.30, and home in time for Neighbours! Just learning a whole new lot of systems, codes, that sort of thing. Sure I'll get used to it, just so much to take in the first week.

I've finally made a decision about the tea and cupcake swap, and started work this week. Obviously can't say any more, as that would ruin the suprise. But on a cakey theme, I've just discovered my sister has returned from a weekend in Glasgow, with Tunnocks teacakes and caramel wafers, with plain chocolate! I've only heard of their wonder, and while I enjoy the milk variety, the idea of a dark chocolate shell, cracking to reveal the fluffy white marshmallow, is far too exciting, and I can hardly wait until I can collect them this weekend! I should mention, my new job is finance assistant at St Martins Art School, not for Tunnocks marketing department. Although I'd swap in a heartbeat if they'd have me!

My cake-based-crafting that does mean I've had to put the denim quilt on hold for a little while, as there's no deadline on that one. It does mean I may be able to get a couple more pairs, as I had an offer from a friend last week. It does seem to have inspired people, the whole recycling aspect of it. There I was thinking it would cost a fortune getting all the fabric. But I have resolved that although I may not sew it yet, I will start the cutting process this week.
Having got my beautiful new sandals last week, I'm yet to wear them! Just waiting for a day I can be assured it wont rain. Not looking too hopeful, as this seems to be turning into a tradition English summer. My mum had hailstones where she is today.

But it is doing my little garden the power of good!

I now have TWO little courgettes! Theres beans, french and runner growing nicely, and my strawberries have had a new lease of life the past few days.

I assure you, this picture does show the most perfect little french bean flower. It's just they're quite small, and not easy to get to in their little wigwam! But they're such a lovely shade of lilac, and so delicate. The sweet pea pyramid is blooming well, and smells beautiful, but is covered in greenfly! I need ladybirds, fast.

With a bit of luck, this week will be a little sunnier, and I can get out and enjoy my little bit of green in East London. With milk chocolate teacakes, to tide me over!

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