Sunday, 20 July 2008

Tea, cake, love and knitting.

I have finished and posted my tea and cupcake! Cant post a pic or anything for obvious reasons, but its all done, and sent on its way. Not entirely sure I truste the girl in the post office, about the customs restrictions, as she was a little preoccupied with talking to her mate, but I'm sure New Zealand won't mind me senidng the odd teabag! I also made sure I put 'fabric items' on the customs label- thought describing exactly what the parcel contained would lead to more questions!

I'm attempting to end my singleness, and have been into the whole internet dating thing for a while now. I just think, if I'm able to use the internet for knitting, sewing, and stuff like that, why not my lovelife too? So I'm on the site from the guardian. Might find the love of my life, might just get a few nights out from it. I did go on a date with a nice bloke from south London on Tuesday. Seemed quite interested in meeting again, and texted me(sure its a valid word, now) to say he'd email. I'm still waiting for that email...

Not really done much else this week, craftwise or otherwise. but I'm going to make a definite effort to get my cardi well on its way! no pics yet, as its really only a bit of ribbing at the moment. I'm using a pattern from Ravelry, basic black, for my John Lewis bargain, Rowan Cashcotton. Suprisingly it took forever to find a plainish pattern for a cardigan. Everything seems to have some twiddley bit, or cable, be down to the knees or up to the armpits! Now, its not that these werent nice patterns, but I really needed to have something I knew would have a chance at being finished. Anything twirly, and it was going to be passed over at the first chance, for something I can do on the tube!

Now I've got the cake stuff done, I've also no excuse not to get on with my denim quilt, and on that note, I'm off to draw some plans for what squares I need to cut the jeans into.

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quiltygal said...

Hi Kelly ohhh you just be careful out there with all these men that are going to be swarming around... maybe I should do my mum bit & vet them first???...anyway I posted your swap pressie yesterday hope you like it...I shouldnt be worried about a few teabags I think what they were checking for with mine was that the stuffing wasn't organic with bugs we get a tv prog here called Border Patrol where you can see some of the things people try to bring in ,plants with soil still on it & bugs that could wipe out our agriculture so they are very strick I know my friend Ausrose had decorated eggs taken out of her swap parcel..would love to of seen their faces when they pulled out my cupcake, maybe I'll be on the next season of Border Patrol?? LOL


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