Wednesday, 30 July 2008

I'm melting...

London is too hot.
There are too many people on my tube, and I believe they're in my seat.

But I have received my cupcake swap stuff, and its fantastic! Many thanks to QuiltyGal for all the wonderful things! Unfortunately, I can show no pics, as my camera is having a strop, and wont accept its batteries are new.

Its started me off on a whole world of swaps now, I think. I'm signed up for Swapety-Swap-Beep, at Claire's Crafty Blog, so am going to have to delve into the world of mixing techie-roboty-stuff, with squishiness and fabric and knitting and that.

My mum has pointed me in the direction of a great site for a quick knit, that does some good in the world too. Save the Children have set up a scheme to knit little hats for new-borns in developing countries. Just a little hat can save a life of a baby, keeping it from catching things like pneumonia. Please knit up a hat, and send it off. Please encourage your friends and family to do the same. It's got instructions for non-knitters, or first-timers, and also has instructions in Welsh!

I've spent many hours last weekend, cutting up jeans for my denim quilt. I couldn't feel my hand by the end of it, and have managed to blunt my cutting wheel, but i have now got all my pieces cut out and bundled into their little set, ready to sew. Just got to build up the courage now! And get a good supply of needles for my little machine in. Think it may be time to give it a good oil and clean, get it ready for this before I pass yards of multi-layered denim under its foot. Im thinking of going straight to leather needles, rather than breaking anything weaker or blunter first. Just seems it will save time and hassle of changing them later!

Oh, and Ive added a new site to my list of favourites, mainly through loyalty. I used to work at Fabricland in Bournemouth, so felt I should mention them. The site's a bit random (maintained by a really lovely woman though!) but the do mail oreder, and have really good prices! Honest- I don't work for them anymore!

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