Monday, 15 December 2008

Not to show off....

...but I've pretty much finished Christmas.

I'm a bit shocked myself, to be honest, but I've now got all presents bought, wrapped and either posted or at my mums house. The cake was decorated last night, so everything in my kitchen now has a faint golden sparkle from the edible glitter. The tree is up (OK, so its 24" high, and comes ready assembled- I have a tiny flat!) decorated and has little chocolate snowmen on it. My lights are up in my flat too, so I have little fairies that look like their skirts are on fire when the lights are turned on, all along my mantlepiece.

I've got a few cards to write and post, and was thinking of making some mince pies, and my now famous gingerbread this weekend, but thats about it. Im not sure what to do now. Im knittng a new project, but its a longterm one, thats not to be finished anytime soon.

To be honest, I'm a bit bored, just waiting. But in my dads (annual) words "this time in two weeks, it'll all be over"

And I'll be bored again.

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