Wednesday, 15 April 2009

apology... my double out there!

My dad has discovered Twitter. I think there was some deal with a bookmaker, for a free bet if you signed up, and as an avid race-goer, he couldn't resist, and now has an account. (He can't remember how to get into it, but that doesn't matter now!)

So he thought he'd see if his daughters were on there, and did a bit of searching around. Not like most people would, by checking with people, or email addresses, but by name. Real name. And he found someone, with my first name, surname, and the year I was born as their ID. "How could this be anyone but my little girl?" he thought. Well, it is. I'm not on Twitter, and if I was, I'd use the same details I do here, and Ravelry, and everywhere else, not my full name!

So I apologise to the person out there, who's now wondering why someone has written to them, saying it's their dad. Hopefully no paternity questions have been asked to any mums!

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