Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I hate month end at work.

I have spent the past week and a half working 9-6.30, trying to get all our work completed before the powers that be in head office turn our system off for 2 days. This happens each month, but apparently, you never get used to it!

So not been the most productive time for crafting.

However, my mum did get her copy of Knitted Toys, and photocopied the bunny pattern I need!

So I have been steadily getting a few rows at a time done, being very careful about making my increases right, and my decreases balance, and have finally got to something worth blogging about.

I've got the body done, and the bottom part of the head, so have just go the top part of the head (decreasing again- the easy part!) and I'm done with the main part. I am having a bit of trouble with the increases though. Little gaps under each one, that sort of notice when there's a few. It looks a bit like the bunny's had throat cancer, and has a hole in its neck! I'll just stitch them together inside, with a bit of similar coloured thread!

Then only legs, arms, ears and a pom-pom for the tail to go...

I'm doing the contrast colour for the feet and ears in a nice fluffy looking pink. Then a neutral colour ribbon for the neck. I had a bunny when I was little, and I like that my mum and dad didn't try to allocate a gender to it for me. He later became Bobby, but that was my choice. Worryingly, this was in the early eighties, so theres a chance I subconsciously named him after Bobby Ewing from Dallas! Lets hope Isla has more sense and taste than me!

Thats not the only Christmas prep I've been doing though. I've bought my red white and brown felt for decorations, a pack of red feathers, and half the ingredients for the Christmas cake!

I've also made a lovely gingerbread from my lovely Nigella Christmas book.

I don't know why the last bits of flour wouldn't mix in, but I decided it really wasn't going to make that much difference, and popped it in the oven anyway. There's now a bit of an odd crust on the top (little bubbles of flour in the top!) But it tastes great anyway. Maybe a bit more ginger next time though. We do have a taste for it in my family. Think I might go and have a slice with a cup of tea...

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flurogoddess said...

Mmm, send some over here! I love gingerbread/cake/men!!! The gingerier the better!


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