Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Tis the season...

It is officially the Christmas season. I have made the cake- now carefully double wrapped in greaseproof and foil, and sat in a Roses tin in a cupboard. And I have my advent calendar! Thorntons, as it is every year, with my name iced on the bit on the bottom for Christmas day. It says its another 50p online- I almost had ti think again as to where to buy it! But luckily, it turns out that it's still free in the shops. Phew.

I have purchased my Christmas ringtone (Mariah Carey covering Darlene Love's Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)).

But it also means, I've received a letter today, from my main charity of choice, the samaritans.

I try to donate to them as often as possible, but especially at Christmas. I realise I'm pretty lucky in my life. I may get upset, I may be far more single than I'd like, I may not have too many friends, and not be in my desired job, but I still consider myself very lucky. I'm going to my parents for a few days at Christmas, with my family visiting, and my sisters on the main day. But I know theres a lot of people who don't have that support network, if they feel bad, and this is one of the worst times of the year.

I've called the Samaritans before, and used their email service too. they've been a great help to me, and I feel I owe them- possibly my life. I'm better at dealing with my problems now, and have my family to help me, but many others don't, and are really going to struggle to stop themselves being depressed or lonely this time of year, or even not making it to the next. New Years Eve is still pretty lonely and bad for me. (I don't celebrate it anymore. It's just easier that way.)

I thought I'd post this now, rather than wait a while, as I know myself how hard finances and time management can be at Christmas (and thanksgiving as well, I suppose, for any Americans reading!), so this is still at a point where you may be able to think about this sort of thing. I don't mean for this to be any kind of harassment- everyone is free to have their own views, and feelings about this sort of thing. But I wanted to mention this, as even if it makes people maybe consider a friend or neighbour they know who may be on their own, and give them a card, or a mince pie, if nothing else. Maybe that will help them through to 2009. One little act, or cup of tea and a chat, can make the world of difference.

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quiltygal said...

Hi K how are you? thanks for your kind comments on Whitneys tatt glad to see you are getting in the xmas spirit I haven't found mine yet no decorations up at all!! agree with you about giving at xmas even if I have to spend xmas eve with my M.I.Law I'm still lucky.....did you join any xmas swaps?? I'm just about ready to post mine off...Have a good weekend..


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