Friday, 7 November 2008

End of an Era

A certain part of my life has had to come to an end. I have realised that I'm 28, not 20 anymore. I cannot wear the same clothes I wore then- both through weight and age! So I have decided to sell one of my favourite tops I wore during my punk/metal years. My lovely purple Cyberdog top.

Ok so I haven't actually worn it for a few years. and maybe should have got rid of it a while ago, but its hard to get rid of your past like that sometimes. At least if I sell it (loving Ebay at the moment!) I get to know someone else can get to enjoy it. And I get a bit of extra cash before Christmas, of course!

Not using this as an extra sales pitch, or anything! Just marking the passing of a great top, that gave me better cleavage than almost any other top I've found!

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