Sunday, 16 November 2008

my peanut has legs....

No really- the head and body of the bunny, looks like a peanut. I've completed the knitting part of the legs (not sewn up yet) so now it's a peanut, and a pair of legs. It looks a little odd at the moment, I know, but it does work. I've tried it with pins, and everything!

Just arms, ears and tail to go now. I'm doing the tail last, as it's a pom-pom, and can be as small or large as the yarn I have left allows.

My hair has also been redyed, and is now back to its proper colour. Woodstain. Means my head is soo itchy now, from the chemicals!!

The Christmas cake has now cooled, and has been wrapped up until the start of December, when it will be marzipanned. Its a word. I just added it to my computer's spellcheck, and everything! I also added 'spellcheck'...

I also made a gingerbread again, and mixed the wet ingredients into the dry a bit at a time- and stopped it having flour lumps!! I also added loads more ginger. About twice as much as the recipe suggests. It may not be to everyones taste, but in my opinion, it's lovely now.

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