Sunday, 23 November 2008

I am at one with nature.

No really, I am. Even though I live in Leytonstone! (We have a bit of Epping forest, and Wanstead flats. Therefore, practically rural. But with convenient travel links!) But this natural power to bond with animals has seeped into my garden.

In this picture, you will notice not only a squirrel hiding behind the tree, but also a robin. Ive ringed them in orange, if it wasn't obvious.

AND it was snowing when i took the picture this morning. But I'm still not allowed to hum Christmas songs at work until it's December, or a girl I work with has threatened to beat me about the head with a stapler. She'd do it, too! But she doesn't know I've still got Phil Spectors A Christmas Gift for You (the true sound of Christmas) in my head!

I haven't done the knitting I was meant to this weekend. I've got the arms left of Isla's bunny to do, then sew it all together. But I did spend a large proportion of the day, trying new hairstyles. I'm not very good at them yet, but have discovered that Victory Rolls look really rather good on me. Even with the cats eye glasses I wear. I know, I'm mixing my decades, but I think the whole thing sort of works ok in a rockabilly style. Just need those foam/net things to put in, to keep the shape of the roll. IU was trying wadding, which although it works, is white, and my hair is red/brown. They show. But with a bit of luck, and practice, I may look as wonderful as this.

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