Monday, 22 September 2008


Well, it took me a bit longer than a fortnight to get back on track.

I've been away from here a while, trying to sort out what I'm doing with my life.

The holiday was good and bad. It was good to be away from work, and the rain I'm presuming drenched London in my absence- no really, this was the view from my window!

I learnt that Wheel of Fortune is just as good in french, especially when you're sat next to your mum with a dictionary on her lap.

But as it was a little village in the middle of nowhere, it gave me too much thinking time. That's really not good for me.

I also get a bit miserable around birthdays (only my own, I'm very good at other peoples!) and therefore September is never great for me. but that was last Friday. Safely out of the way now, and I get to be 24 for another year.

However. I've realised that I need an aim in my life again. With that in mind, I've also realised I made a mistake in my job move. Not that I would have stayed at my old one, but shouldn't have taken the one I'm at. Following lengthy discussions with my dad (he's very good at them. We've had many) I think I'm going to stay in finance, and try and get a future in it. Which means a job move to somewhere that can offer me that. With a bit of luck, Hackney Council. I believe I may be the first person to have ever used that phrase! Apologies to those unaware of the view of Hackney by the rest of London. It's never been the popular borough, but it's the one next to me, so I'll go there!

There's a few trainee accountancy positions there, promoting the whole training part. So now I just need to convince them I'm the girl they want!

Aside from my work based stuff, I've still not done too much craft wise. Took my knitting on holiday, but to be honest only did a little bit. But I've bought some lovely fabric to make skirts with. One is a nice olive green needlecord, and the other an Amy Butler print from John Lewis, also in green. The pic below doesnt really do it justice, but you can see the pattern. And tonight on my way back from work, I accosted a bloke working in the window of Next (the one next to Chancery Lane tube- very helpful staff!) and have made him put the last green cardi from the window aside for me till the morning. Anyone spot a colour theme? It's because my mum's trying to wean me off black. I bought a purple dress too. She's very proud.

I've also topped up my knitting projects. Theres a blanket to start- had a row/discussion about a pattern with the woman in my wool shop, as she couldnt see how it would work. And I've got my fluffy wool to make my sister's boyfriends daughter a buinny for christmas. I have no bunny pattern, but a bear one instead. I'm just doing longer ears, and a pom-pom.

I did happen to find a great website from CRAFT magazine, particularly handy if travelling somewhere new. It's Knitmap and you just put in your location, and it finds you shops to go to! It's international as well.

I must also mention that following a "delivery issue" with Royal Mail (Of course I was out at 11am on a weekday- I work!) I have received my robot from Flurogoddess. It's a lovely squishy robot called Roxy, and she's ever so sweet. I would show a pic, but I have no idea where my camera is. There should be pics up of them all at the flickr page though...

Think that me done for today. Hopefully won't be so long til my next post, and I may even have finished something! Now off to watch my recorded new best TV show. How have I been unaware of Gilmore Girls for 8 years? Its everything I look for in a drama! Not the best TV perhaps, but the kind that makes you feel all warm inside. Can i also mention I have had 14 piercings and multicoloured hair at the height of my punk-metal past. Just to remind myself I was tough and strong once, and not always this soft!!

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