Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Am I too soon?

As my birthday is done, it's now officially downhill till Christmas, with a Halloween detour!

I know, shouldn't mention things like that so soon, but I've got Nigellas Christmas book on its way to me, and have got to start planning anything I'm making for December. It takes me a while! I'm ready for Halloween, anyway. All I needed was new biscuit cutters, and I got them from the wonder that is Matalan the other week. I know its not the best place in the world, but its on my way home from Leytonstone tube station, and its open till about 9pm.

Back to Christmas plans. I need a knittng pattern for a bunny. My sisters' blokes' daughter, Isla, (do those apostrophes look right?) likes rabbits. She also likes In the Night Garden, but I'm not going to try one of those characters. They look really tricky anyway, and I can't see her being impressed if its even a bit out. I want to make a rabbit as beautiful and soft looking as Little Cotton Rabbits' but don't think mine would turn out as well- just not really experienced enough. And she doesn't sell the pattern, but sells them fully made on her Etsy shop instead. Who can blame her?

So if anyone does know of a good pattern, please let me know! Or a bear so I can just extend his ears! Ravelry, my usual source, has left a little to be desired. I'm able to buy a single pattern, but can't really afford a whole book. Unless its available in my library, or something. I was considering creating my own. Surely it's just a case of egg shapes stuck together? but that may take me a while to figure out.

Im also considering a wreath. Might try knocking up a few holly leaves, and sewing them over each other till they're a circle.

I'm also on the hunt for a new job. I'm meant to be filling in an application form tonight, but I'm here instead. It actually looks like a good job, with a future, rather than my fun finance assistant one, that is heavy on the assistant part, less so on the finance side. Unless the photocopying of finance stuff counts?

So I'm applying to be a trainee accountant for Hackney Council. It's got a whole career path with training and stuff, and would be perfect for me. It's the job that I thought I was going into this time!

I really do want the job, but it's just so hard to do the written bit first! They should know I'm right for it, without making me explain why and how in detail!! So I'm off to at least look through the form. Wish me luck...

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quiltygal said...

hi sorry I havent visited in a while but was busy with family stuff glad to see you are busy & still crafting good luck with the job application


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