Monday, 22 September 2008

back sooner than expected

Just had the shock of my life. Shaking as I write this.

Back story: I met a guy on the dating website I use just over a year ago. He seemed lovely. He was honest and open about bad bits of his life as well as good. Saw him for a couple of months, then he vanished. then reappeared, very apologetic, and then vanished again.

Couple of months later, about new year, I discovered it was all fake. I'd looked up this charity walk he was going to do, and it turned out it never was. He never was. At least, never was who he said he was. He was, at the time I read the news article, being investigated by the MOD for impersonating an officer, or some rank, and investigated by the police for possible bigamy. The break up he told me he'd had a couple of months before we met had apparently happened after the wedding. His father is quoted as calling him a serial fantasist.

About 6 months ago he showed up back on the site. I reported this, and he was removed.

Now, I've just had a look at who's looked at me, and he was back there.

I've now reported him again, and also sent him a message telling him I found out the truth.

But why has this got me shaking with anger again? It's not fair that he can still get to me this much. It all just makes me wary of anyone I meet, from the site or not. Even making friends, I don't trust as easily as I used to.

Just need to try and regain some faith in people again, and remeber they're not all like him. People are generally good, aren't they?!

p.s. I know theres a part of you wanting a little more info about him. My mum was straight onto google when I told her at the time! Try "The Walter Mitty of Prague", and you'll find him. Sorry if I've underestimated the moral strength and fibre of any of you! ;)

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flurogoddess said...

Sounds like a creep!

There are good people in the world you know. ;-)

Keep on keeping on.


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