Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Calmer now.

Rant done with. Just definitely on the lookout for a new job now! But I'm also looking into starting my AAT training as a home study. Not the same as having support from work, and day-to-day experience, but its cheaper, and it'll get me a qualification.

I have also finished the tea cosy!
It's all ready to be wrapped up with some loose leaf tea, and handed over to my sister for safe keeping until Stevie's birthday. I've already apologised to her for having a football tea cosy in her house. Now just onto the sock monkeys. keep spending any free time I have doing the odd bit of sewing on them, but still so much to go! I did get them mentioned on the radio on Saturday though. Part of a request to end Iyares breakfast show on radio 6. So now they're truly famous. Ish.

Also got to get stuff finished for the Seaside Swap, but can't mention what yet, until its sent. It is making me miss the beach a lot. I'm rather peculiar in that although most people have some kind of bouncy happy music that reminds them of summer, I have the first Disturbed album that reminds me of spending my time in Bournemouth. Some good memories, some fantastic, some not so good. But generally when photos like this were taken:

It was about 2001, and I'm the second from the left. The summer always make me remember nights out in my local rock club, with the same girls. I get the same feeling of missing what it was like, but then a grateful relief that my life although not at its best right now, is a fair bit better than then. Does make me feel old and reclusive though. What happened so I can't stay out till 4am on a school night, and show up for work, feeling fine after far too many vodkas?! Not entirely keen on this growing older thing....

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twiggypeasticks said...

Great tea cosy. I hear you on the getting older thing, I used to stay up all night and then go to work, very irresponsible!! I have a couple of glasses of wine these days and it takes me two days to recover !!!
Twiggy x


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