Sunday, 14 June 2009

Very busy Saturday.

Well, not so much busy, but full.

Started off getting up and going off to the post office to collect my parcel, from the Monkey Swap! Had the card for days now, just needed to collect it.

It was a parcel full of little bundles, and two lovely cards from Jenny at Gingerbread House.

Inside, were two cute sock monkeys, a purse and a pair of socks, all monkified (it's a word now)

Didn't have much time to look at them though, as I had to get off to Tower Bridge, for the WWKIP day.

I had seen the clouds outside my window first thing, and it looked cloudy. The BBC website implied a chance of rain, later in the day. I planned accordingly, and took an umbrella, and a raincoat. And then this happened...Blazing hot sun, all day!

We saw a lot of things on our travels, including an injured pigeon, a 21 gun salute for the queen, the Red Arrows (there was an attempt at a photo, but it was rubbish!)

Many moustaches were also worn, although I changed from my finger on, as it is VERY hard to knit with yarn on your hand, so I swapped to my homage to Des Lynam. I don't think it's a bad look for me.

Finally got home in the evening, and discovered I appear to have even caught a bit of colour. Quite an oddity for me, as I'm usually the colour of milk.

Now just to enjoy the remainder of a lovely sunny Sunday, with an ice-cream, I think.

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