Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Must knit more...

Well, my course is over. But it was great, and I learnt a few new techniques. The last session was pretty much a free run of the equipment, to dye, print and paint what we wanted, so I spent most of the day, poking at yarn with a stick in some dye vats. But its all coloured in now, in a variety of blues, greens, reds and purples.

Above is the silk yarn, that all got dyed in blue to yellow toned green.
It looked wonderful, like seaweed when i was rinsing it out.

This is some alpaca I bought at the craft show on Thursday. Its ony 50grams of it, from the Toft-Alpaca stand. Its a nice aran weight, and it was a lovely cream colour to start with. Although I like this soft olivey green, I was suprised it hardly took the dye at all. And I washed it to get rid of any lanolin first.

This cotton did not want to untangle, so it all got tied up with string, and dunked in different colours to see what happens. And it looks better than the picture! Its gone a lovely sea green blue and turquoise, with white bits where the string was, that looks like sea-foam. I wish I'd made more this colour!

The cotton-linen boucle I split into two colours. The red-brown above, which looks like raspberries...

...and the yellow green above. The white in this picture is from the flash, and its all taken the colour really well.

But this is possibly my favourite. Most of the cotton is now a lovely purple, but with blue sections. The blue is only an inch or so long each time, and is pretty random in the yarn, so it'll show as a few blue stitches on a purple background when it knitted up.

So there's loads to be wound into balls, and I've just got to decide what to knit with all of it now...

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